Sea Level Solutions Day 2019

Each year, seasonal King Tides cause flooding in the south Florida area. To understand more about the effects of rising seas, FIU’s Sea Level Solutions Center engages citizen scientists to measure urban flooding and collect water samples across several sites in Miami.

The Center’s fourth annual Sea Level Solutions Day kicked off on September 29 and October 27, 2019 . About 50 volunteers across Miami-Dade collected water measurements and samples using citizen science kits. Participants measured the salinity in the water using a refractometer.

The concentration of salt in the samples collected had close to the same amount as pure sea water. Tiffany Troxler, director of science for Sea Level Solution Center, told Miami Herald, “We are trying to improve the information we have about tidal flooding so that we can help drive the decision-making and policy-making to help provide solutions for Miami.”

This article first appeared in the Miami Herald on September 29, 2019.