2019 Forensic Toxicology Symposium now available on demand

Written by: Michelle Chernicoff

No need to travel to gain access to the 2nd Annual Current Trends in Forensics & Forensic Toxicology Symposium. The full five-day event is now available with free registration on RTI’s website. The on-demand version includes all presentations and posters presented at the event, providing impactful insight for today’s forensic toxicology laboratories.

  • Day 1: Sample Preparation
  • Day 2: Instrumental Method Development
  • Day 3: Forensic Toxicology Method Validation
  • Day 4: Seized Drugs
  • Day 5: Trace Analysis

An e-book is also available here; a Spanish version can be found here.  

The Global Forensic Justice Center was a proud sponsor of the event, originally hosted live online in May.

The 2020 live event will provide a unique opportunity to network and access other researchers without ever leaving the laboratory. Event dates and registration for the 3rd Annual Online Symposium will be posted on the RTI website soon.