Ph.D. student recognized for DNA research

Mirna Ghemrawi
Photo courtesy Mirna Ghemrawi

Growing up in Lebanon, forensics was not a common major to pursue. However, for PhD Biochemistry student, Mirna Ghemrawi, it was a passion she needed to fulfill.

Ghemrawi’s drive to learn about DNA led her to the states to start her doctoral studies at FIU in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Here she is conducting research in the McCord Lab under Dr. Bruce McCord, studying the microbiome and species identification for forensic application. Researchers in this lab work on developing scientific methods and protocols to enhance the forensic techniques used.

“The more I learn about DNA and its power in solving crime cases, the more I want to study and research about it,” she told ISHI News.

The International Symposium on Human Identification (ISHI) – the largest annual meeting focusing on DNA forensics – recognized Ghemrawi’s dedication and selected her as one of their ambassadors. Not only was she awarded a registration waiver to attend the symposium, but she presented her current work from the McCord lab to top experts from around the world.

This article first appeared in ISHI News on July 23, 2019.