TRIO education positions

school tutoring

There are three TRIO positions available through FIU’s Educational Talent Search:

Position Title: Tutor
Start Date/Length: Anytime/1 year
Type: Part-Time Volunteer 
Hours: 1-3+/week 


  • Consult with the Staff of the Educational Talent Search Program to gain placement with a student or group of students.
  • Communicate with the student(s) and their parent/guardian to agree on a schedule.
  • Provide the tutoring schedule to the staff of Educational Talent Search.
  • Tutor the student(s) and keep track of the dates and times you meet.
  • Report time and all relevant information to the program staff quarterly.

Position Title: VISTA 
Start Date/Length: November 2019/ 1 year 
Type: Full-Time Paid Volunteer 
Hours: 40/week 


  • Organize community service opportunities for the youth of Educational Talent Search.
  • Provide leadership opportunities for the youth of Educational Talent Search.
  • Interview, Onboard and Manage summer VISTA recruits for the duration of the summer program.
  • Assist in special projects in collaboration with office staff.

Position Title: Graduate Assistant 
Start Date/Length: January 2020/ 1 year 
Type: Part-Time paid with Tuition Waiver 
Hours: 20/week 


  • Teach a “Path to College” class for middle and high school youth.
  • Assist with registration of youth into the Educational Talent Search program.
  • Work with the program director to compile data for annual reporting.
  • Assist in special projects in collaboration with office staff.
  • Assist with social media accounts and program outreach and newsletters

About the Department: The Educational Talent Search program is a federally funded program designed to assist first-generation and low-income middle and high school students with academic potential who are interested in reaching their academic and career goals. The programs provide on-going academic preparation, counseling and enrichment activities. As part of the Office of the Student Access and Success, they are part of university wide initiative to promote access for under-represented students and ensure their success once at FIU.

Please contact José Filpo, Director, ETS if you are interested in any of the above positions or have further questions.