Where ice meets tropics—NHL’s Florida Panther’s Panther Conservation Night

Right now, the health of the Everglades is in its 3rd period. A wide range of local organizations are aligning to create a sustainable plan to aid this vital ecosystem. Recently, panthers across South Florida (from both FIU CASE and the NHL), and other organizations aligned to promote conservation awareness of this endangered cat at the BB&T Center.

To fully immerse hockey patrons in FIU CASE conservation efforts, the college used a variety of technologies like virtual reality goggles, go pro cameras and the most cutting-edge tracking devices. Altogether, this gave both local and visiting hockey fans a holistic view of wildlife management techniques.

Want to get involved? Through the Florida Coastal Everglades Long Term Ecological Research program, FIU CASE has a variety of dynamic outreach programs that connect the community to the Everglades. The program examines how climate change (amongst other variables) affects the management of freshwater resources, including functions and services to people.

Visit the Florida Coastal Everglades LTER website to learn more.