Celebrating community outreach

Map of Dade county showing all the districts FIU CASE has had program activations in this past Fall semester

The winter holiday is known for reflecting on the year and sharing appreciation. FIU CASE thanks community partners for collaborating to reach learners of all ages throughout South Florida. 

In just the last six months, FIU CASE has reached more than 20,000 people at more than 15 events/program activations in nearly every Miami-Dade County District (as well as sites Broward). Through hands on activities, the goal is to inspire citizens to be active and engaged participants in their communities while showcasing relevant research/academic programs.

By working with area organizations, FIU CASE provides community access to unique programs while supporting like-minded missions. With the help of partners, 2019 was full of exploration driven learning experiences for the community:

Professional Sports Teams

Cultural Organizations

County and City Municipalities

Literacy Focused Organizations and Events

Stay tuned to FIU CASE social media and newsletter for upcoming 2020 opportunities.