Internship Experiences: Taking a closer look

Students at internship
Ana Soto Gonzalez, Paulo Uribe and Maria Camila Penaranda at their internship with Human Resources at Hotwire Communications

“How do you get a job that requires experience, if you cannot get a job out of school to earn the experience?” This is a question that nearly every college student wrestles with.

Through a course in the Organizational Science Master’s Program, students complete an internship in the area of industrial/organizational (I/O) psychology. All graduates start their job search with real-world experience listed on their resumes.

This semester students completed internships with organizations such as:

•    City of Coral Gables 

•    Broward Sheriff’s Office

•    Hotwire Communication

•    Keter

Student, Robert Coseano, at his internship with the Bureau of Human Resources at the Broward Sheriff's Office
Robert Coseano at his internship with the Bureau of Human Resources at the Broward Sheriff’s Office

Dr. Marie Barnes, instructor and program director, has spent nearly two decades as an I/O practitioner in human resources. Throughout her career, Dr. Barnes has made a great effort to build an extensive network in South Florida. 

“I knew that having work experience as an intern would be vital for these students’ success.  I called every single contact I had and let them know that talented students were available to assist them with their HR projects,” Dr. Barnes said. “I felt most proud when one of my former bosses asked, ‘If they are your students learning about I/O and HR, how many can I have?’ That meant the world to me!”

The 14 students in the cohort completed their internships and received their degrees on Dec. 15.

“These students took a chance on a brand-new program and now they’re part of the very first cohort – that in it of itself is a once in a lifetime opportunity,” Dr. Barnes said.

Dr. Marie Barnes contributed to this article.