Rapid DNA technology arrives to NFSTC

The opening of the Rapid DNA Center of Excellence within the National Forensic Scientific Technology Center (NFSTC) at FIU will help forensic scientists in the criminal justice system. In 90 minutes, a full DNA profile can be identified with this new technology.

With help from Thermo Fisher Scientific, it includes the RapidHIT ID system to analyze DNA faster. This equipment can be used by non-science operators who can obtain results by inserting samples, as minor as a cheek swab, into the cartridge.

NFSTC is expanding professional services and opportunities to improve forensic science quality by working with laboratories, law enforcement and educating FIU students.

Kevin Lothridge, executive director of NFSTC told St. Pete Catalyst, “The Center of Excellence aims to be a resource for law enforcement laboratory partners, both in Florida and internationally. We envision sharing with them new technology, techniques and knowledge, and to learn from them as they work to keep their communities safer and the criminal justice system strong and effective.”

This article first appeared in St. Pete Catalyst on November 20, 2019.