Scientific diver internship at Biscayne National Park

coral reef diver

This internship will support the Biscayne National Park’s efforts to monitor sensitive reef fish resources. The Underwater Reef-fish Census Intern will be expected to be a major contributor to the completion of reef fish surveys at 100 or more reef sites in the park. To complete surveys, the intern will work as part of a four-person team of SCUBA divers. Following field work, the intern will be expected to enter all data into the online database system in a timely fashion. 

The intern will master a reef fish resource monitoring method that is utilized across the entire Florida reef tract from the Dry Tortugas to Martin County. The intern will gain solid experience working as a scientific diver and collecting data under a variety of environmental conditions. The intern will be exposed to scientific methods as well as fishery management topics.


  • The applicant must be SCUBA certified from an accredited SCUBA diving organization (such as PADI or NAUI). Preference will be given to applicants with an active AAUS Scientific Dive authorization at their current institution. If the applicant has the basic SCUBA certification but not the AAUD certification, he/she will be required to become certified as an NPS diver, which includes a written exam, comprehensive dive physical, and various in-water skills tests, including a demonstrating basic skills and swimming extended distances.
  • Ability to identify reef fish of Florida is ideal, but not required (and can be provided during the first weeks of the internship as needed). The intern must be comfortable working on boats.

For more information on the internship and how to apply, visit the website here.

Application Deadline: February 7, 2020.