FIU CASE at the 2020 Yacht Show

Courtney with guests at yacht show

From pirate ships to transport barges to ocean steamers, humans have engineered and chartered great vessels to traverse every river, ocean and sea. Fast-forward to the 21st century, where boating via opulent yachts has become a global industry of both innovation and design. 

This year’s Miami Yacht Show (at 1 Herald Plaza) will draw yacht owners and enthusiasts from every corner of the globe at the largest event of its kind in the world. From Thursday, Feb. 13 through Monday, Feb. 17, visit downtown to glimpse a “showcase of the world’s most extraordinary and uniquely designed yachts and super yachts.” 

At the 2020 Yacht Show, attendees will not only get a chance to see these machines up close, but also have an opportunity to engage onsite with FIU CASE researchers, students and staff to learn more about how to safely enjoy local waters while ensuring the protection of often unseen marine animals.

With a backdrop of the latest nautical innovations in engineering, explore the unique marine ecosystems of South Florida and beyond through an immersive VR experience. Go into the field with researchers as they investigate the critical marine habitats people rely on for tourism, recreation and commerce. Whether a yacht owner, travel enthusiast or conservationist — jump in and get a peek of these unique ecosystems from a different perspective.

Please note this is a ticketed event, purchase here.