For baseball fans, science gets interactive

FIU’s College of Arts, Sciences & Education recently put 17,000 baseball fans in touch with science through interactive sea to sky activities at the Miami Marlins FanFest.

Guests used cutting-edge virtual reality headsets to dive into the marine habitats of sharks and dolphins from the Florida Keys to the Caribbean and beyond.

They enjoyed a marine animal encounter featuring hermit crabs, horse conchs and star fish.

They also activated eight invisible gases to reveal color-based signatures using a high-voltage spectroscopy carousel and learned via a plasma globe how human bodies are natural conductors of electricity.

The college’s collaborations with organizations such as the Miami Marlins inspires more people throughout South Florida to learn about science and the world around them.

“Through our outreach programming, we want everyone to make sure they can feel like they can do science,” said Daniel Mannina, the college’s education outreach program manager.

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