Ph.D. candidate lands internship with Facebook

Alexander Snihur

Alexander Snihur has always had an interest in psychology but wasn’t sold on becoming a clinician. He wanted to find a different way to help society. One where he could apply positive theories and constructs to the workplace. 

The Psychology Ph.D. Candidate recently landed a competitive internship with Facebook. He’ll spend the summer at Facebook’s headquarters in Melo Park, Calif., where he will work as a user experience researcher. Snihur will examine how people around the world interact, communicate and share information to identify changes Facebook can make to improve the development, design and features of its platforms. 

During his three months with Facebook, Snihur hopes to see first-hand how the work of research scientists can have large and immediate implications on how society interacts.

Currently working in the Occupational and Health Psychology Lab under the leadership of Valentina Bruk-Lee, Snihur focuses his research on examining and mitigating detrimental effects of interpersonal conflict between coworkers in the workplace and investigating the job stressors climatologists face at work. 

Snihur presented his research projects at the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology. In 2019, he earned a Master of Science degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

Alexander Snihur contributed to this article.