REU Success Story: Samiris Suleiman

By Taknighis Beauvoir

Samiris Suleiman

Inspired by her father’s non-profit environmental organization, Sociedad Ambiente 

Marino, Samiris Suleiman began studying environmental science and pursued her passion for protecting the ocean.

During the summer of 2019, Suleiman worked with Alex Mercado, Ph.D. at FIU’s Coastal Ecosystems Research Experiences for Undergraduates Site to study how food quality impacts the physiology of mosquito-fish, which plays an important role in the food web. Lower quality diets can lead to malnutrition and oxidative stress. Suleiman and Mercado learned how stress could influence aquatic life by measuring how different types of foods impact mosquito fish growth, reproduction and survival.

Suleiman is working on another project with Mercado where they are studying strategies and restoration methods to aid in the recovery of demised coral populations. 

After graduation, Suleiman plans to return to school to receive a master’s degree and a Ph.D. She aspires to build a career managing natural resources, completing research and teaching communities about the importance of understanding changes to the environment and climate.