College debuts updated STEAM Festival

Learning is a dynamic experience. People respond differently across topics and stimuli. It’s the universal “a-ha!” moment – the infectious sensation of conquering the unknown – that truly has the power to bring people together.

The FIU STEAM Festival harnesses this moment to unite and excite families in the adventure of discovery. The updated program debuted this month at family science nights at Cypress K-8 Center and BridgePrep Academy South. Plasma globes, sea urchins, fire rainbows and even virtual reality experiences took area students, parents and abuelos from the depths of the oceans to the farthest reaches of the universe.

The family-focused experience engages more than 200 community patrons at each event to explore hands-on science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics activities.  With focused learning opportunities and dynamic group science theater-like demonstrations – everyone can find their niche, no matter their learning style. 

Interested? Here’s how it works.

A school, library or community center chooses an available date and two-hour window to host FIU’s College of Arts, Scienes & Education. Trained staff and students do all the work, plotting every detail to maximize the experience for all. Special guest university labs and clubs share hands-on interactive opportunities on the latest research they’re conducting and include ways to get involved.

For information on how to book a program, please visit the Education Outreach webpage or email