Coastlines and Oceans Division Travel Award Winners – Spring 2020

The seven recipients of the Institute of Environment’s Coastlines and Oceans Division’s spring 2020 travel awards are conducting research in four countries or territories, from the Everglades and Alaska to Germany and Belize.

Each Ph.D. student received a $500 travel award for travel related to marine research. The travel award funds cover any legitimate expense related to field research or the presentation of institute research at conferences and meetings. If the award is made in support of field research, then expenses related to the research itself (materials, supplies, fees, etc.) can be covered. The division grants this award every six months. Learn more about this session’s winners below:

Savannah LaBua (Boswell Lab) will travel to the University of Alaska for a seminar to learn about genomic laboratory processing protocols and most appropriate statistical means to handle the data required for her dissertation research.

Cody Eggenberger (Rehage Lab) will travel to the University of Florida to attend the PRIMER and PERMANOVA+ workshop, which will help him analyze fish community structure and the relationships between environmental conditions and community structure. His dissertation is examining recreational fish communities in the Everglades and how managed freshwater flows influence those communities.

Serena Hackerott (Eirin-Lopez Lab) will travel to Bonaire to collect coral samples for her dissertation, which examines environmental epigenetic approaches to understand coral acclimatization and restoration.

Allison White (Boswell Lab) will travel to St. Petersburg, Fla., to attend the Southeast Acoustics Consortium. She will present practical and statistical considerations for designing acoustic surveys for the estimation of density from fish aggregations.

Benjamin Binder (Boswell Lab) will also travel to St. Petersburg, Fla., to attend the Southeast Acoustics Consortium. He’ll share his dissertation research examining the importance of hydroacoustic survey design in spawning aggregation research.

Katie Flowers (Chapman-Papastamatiou Lab) will travel to Belize to collect vital data for her dissertation. She is studying the role sharks (Carcharhinus perezi, Negaprion brevirostris) play in driving southern stingray (Hypanus americanus) behavior and habitat use in Belize.

Drew Butkowski (Harborne Lab) will travel to Breman, Germany, to attend the International Coral Reef Symposium. He’ll present the first chapter of his dissertation that examines the influence of seascape context and habitat quality on reef fish foraging across a seascape.

Visit the Coastlines and Oceans Division Travel Award webpage to learn more.