PSM-EPM’s second cohort: In the field

blades of grass

Through an innovative curriculum and an internship experience, the Professional Science Master’s in Environmental Policy and Management program emphasizes the development of professional skills in environmental management, policy analysis, written and verbal communication, environmental journalism and environmental stewardship.

This is second in a series we’ve titled “In the field,” where we take a look at three alumni in the workforce from the Class of 2016:

Audrey Siu  – Siu is currently juggling three jobs. The first, a permitting project manager and senior environmental scientist at Sandra Walters Consulting. Her duties include researching property due diligence with respect to environmental regulation, supervising field staff and GIS technicians and working with clients to avoid and minimize impacts to natural habitats and endangered species. She also keeps clients out of lengthy enforcement battles by making sure the surrounding environment is unharmed during construction. Her second job is with Osiris9 Consulting where she serves as an environmental scientist for the civil engineering firm. Specializing in highway design, she reviews the reports and advises of critical environmental issues during the planning phase. Her last role is with the DuMond Conservancy for Primates and Tropical Forests, a not-for-profit science and education affiliate of Monkey Jungle. Here she serves as the project management consultant. Siu helps develop and implement environmental educational activities for high school students and coordinates personnel and training staff. She’s busy, but she considers herself living the dream.

John Pritchett – After graduation, Pritchett continued his work with Muni Farms, an organic farm and sustainable landscape company in Homestead, FL. As the operations manager, he grew the company, connecting the local and national and international communities with great organic produce. Muni Farms’ sustainable landscape sector was able to broaden their scope from residential landscape to large scale commercial projects and in turn helped several organizations with sustainable and conservation projects throughout South Florida. His success took him to his current job with Denver Parks and Recreation, as the Fishing Program coordinator. The city of Denver utilizes a fishing program to connect the communities with their local parks and natural areas. As the program coordinator, Pritchett is able to connect with government agencies, local community centers and non-profit organizations to promote and implement proper fishing programs throughout the city.

Renato Stella – Stella has been working for almost two years as an environmental scientist for Kleinfelder, an engineering and science consulting company. He has mainly worked at the Salt Lake Valley Solid Waste Management Facility and at the Marathon refinery in Salt Lake City, Utah. He recently started an environmental educational program called “GIVE” with a couple of other scientists. The intention is to give their time, energy, passion, knowledge and experience to the general population. Stella says “Give” is a way to send a message to humanity and educate them on how to live in a sustainable way.

Stay tuned for another edition of “In the Field.” In the interim, look back at the first cohort – the Class of 2015.