Grading system for the Spring 2020 semester

Provost and Executive Vice President Kenneth G. Furton sent the following memo to the university community.

Dear Colleagues,

Yesterday, the Faculty Senate approved changes to the grading system for the Spring 2020 semester (see Appendix). These changes offer students two additional grade options that will not be factored into their GPAs, a “Pass” and a “No Credit Earned”. To avoid unintended consequences, these choices must by discussed with their advisor. 

While faculty will still assign grades according to their course grading policy, we ask faculty to be understanding of the disruptions and additional stressors placed on students due to the unprecedented mid-semester shift to remote learning. Adjusting assignments and assessments should be the first response to this situation.

Students who nevertheless anticipate that the disruption to their learning might impact their grades should start consulting with their advisors as soon as possible.

Once grades have been posted to students, students will have 10 days to select an alternative grade of “No Credit Earned” for failed courses (F) or “Pass” for others.

Except for programs for which this is incompatible with accreditation standards, Undergraduate and Graduate students will have the same options available.

Students will be informed that they will work with their advisors as they should not select these options lightly. Students in pre-professional programs and students with goals including advanced graduate careers should seek the specific guidance of their advisors in light of professional goals. Students with certain scholarships or other private support should also take their specific situation into account. 

The Law School and the HWCOM MD programs will also follow similar flexibility, however those students should check with their Dean’s office on particular procedural guidelines for assignment of alternate grades.

We are providing this clarity on grading options well in advance of the end of the semester and grades posting so that students and advisors have ample time to discuss their particular situation and can take action once grades are posted.

Please continue consulting the FIU Coronavirus webpage at for the latest information as well as instructions on how to self-quarantine and other useful links on how to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Our frequently asked questions page is updated daily with the latest information on university operations and other important news.


The following motion was passed by the FIU Faculty Senate on 24 March 2020:

The Faculty Senate approves the following exception to the Grading System for the Spring 2020 semester.

1. Faculty will assign grades earned by the students as per existing policy, including the possibility of a grade of Incomplete.

2. Within 10 days from these faculty grade assignments students, working with their advisors, may opt for a P or NC alternative for specific courses.

3. The P or NC options will be discussed with their advisors as early as this week and up to 10 days after grade assignments (6 weeks from now) to ensure the best option is chosen for the student based on progression towards degree, impact on financial aid, etc.

4. Undergraduate and Graduate students will have the same options available. If a unit requests an alternative proposal it must be approved by the Faculty Senate and the Provost.