CSI: At-home Edition

As classes and conferences are canceled in light of the measures to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, the National Forensic Science Technology Center (NFSTC@FIU) has compiled a list of available on-demand resources to remind everyone that learning from home can be fun.

  • Blood spatter pattern – a page of updated animations of blood spatter pattern and analysis graphics for those interesting in learning droplet dynamics.
  • Printable resources – a collection of instructional and support material for laboratories, crime scene and classrooms.
  • Free online forensic training – NFSTC@FIU provides an abundance of forensic training resources at no charge, including seminars and workshops, designed to provide a greater understanding of forensic science principles and practices for law enforcement, forensic science practitioners and other investigators.
  • Fauxrensics” series – catch up on the myth-busting series which compiles videos of various myths in forensic crime cases.
  • CSI guide for law enforcement – this guide, offered in English and Spanish, covers everything from the initial arrival on scene to documentation to processing of a crime scene.
  • Forensic science simplified – from fingerprints to drugs to digital evidence and more, an interactive guide through the fundamentals of forensic science.
  • Three flagship courses – Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation, Intermediate to Crime Scene Investigation and Digital Crime Scene Photography are offered to those looking to learn the basic skills needed in scene processing and evidence collection.

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Emily Castellanos contributed to this story.