Message from Dean Heithaus

During this time of great uncertainty, I wanted to take a moment to reach out and let you know the College of Arts, Sciences & Education is hard at work for our students and our communities.

We have all been affected by the coronavirus pandemic and we are all in this together. You are likely aware that FIU has moved to remote instruction for the remainder of the spring semester, faculty and staff are working remotely, and we have postponed, canceled or transitioned on-campus university events to an online format through at least May 10. University officials took these steps based on public health recommendations and because the health and safety of our communities are of the utmost importance.

The past several weeks have required many adjustments for all of us at FIU, our families and our communities.

As FIU’s largest and most academically diverse college, many of our alumni are healthcare providers, first responders, food suppliers, teachers, government employees, research scientists and other essential service providers. For those of you on the frontlines, I want to personally extend my gratitude for the important work each of you do. Please stay safe and if you have a moment, please reach out and let us know what you are doing and if the college can be of assistance in any way.

Alumni in the College of Arts, Sciences & Education impact so many aspects of our daily lives – from educators to small business owners and so much more — and I know you all are ready for things to return to normal. While we practice social distancing, please don’t allow this to become a time of isolation. Be sure to spend virtual time with friends and family. Reach out to others. Connect.

If you’re curious about what FIU is doing to respond to the coronavirus pandemic, I invite you to visit for all the latest updates.

All these changes are temporary, but they have not deterred us from our goal of creating an inspiring future. During difficult times, the Panther spirit always prevails. I am proud of how we have come together, and I know we will emerge even more resilient.

Wherever you are in the world today, please know that your FIU family is thinking of you.

Mike Heithaus,
Dean, FIU College of Arts, Sciences & Education