Teutonico contributes to CoPe Synthesis Report

Rita Teutonico

University Corporation for Atmospheric Research and the National Science Foundation selected Rita Teutonico to write the synthesis report for NSF’s emerging initiative on Coastlines and People .

The initiative aims to build capacity and explore research focused on understanding the impacts of coastal environmental variability, coastal development and natural hazards on populated coastal regions.

The report highlights three major themes: inclusive diversity, environmental change and data needs for innovative solutions as well as suggestions for implementation of CoPe Hubs.

The major themes stemmed from national scoping sessions on the data and research needed to address the CoPe grand challenge and the research infrastructure required for implementation. Teutonico chaired the synthesis group tasked with summarizing recommendations from the sessions attended by over 400 scientists.

Teutonico is the Associate Dean of Research for FIU’s College of Arts, Sciences & Education and lead for the Institute of Environment’s Coastal Ecosystems Research Experience for Undergraduate Site.

Visit Coastlines and People’s website for the full report.