A look at the 2020 hurricane season

Hurricane view from space.

This 2020 Atlantic hurricane season is projected to have an “above-normal” probability of storms forming into major hurricanes, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Biological sciences Ph.D. candidate, J. Aaron Hogan discussed the prediction with PantherNow. His background in the ecological effects of catastrophic storms like tropical cyclones and hurricanes leads Hogan to believe the air and water temperatures will get warmer as the season progresses – making the Atlantic region a hurricane prone area.

But how many will become named storms?

Despite the increase in temperature, Hugh Willoughby, a hurricane researcher in the Department of Earth and Environment said it’s hard to predict exactly how many hurricanes will form throughout the season, adding such storms forming are ‘very much a factor of luck.’

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Follow these guidelines to ensure you are prepared before, during and after a storm.