FIU professor spearheads development of novel analytical tools

Chemistry professor and Institute of Environment researcher Francisco Fernández-Lima recently spoke with Chemical & Engineering News about his uses for trapped ion mobility spectrometry. 

Fernández-Lima helps colleagues analyze structurally similar drugs and complex environmental samples such as crude oil and dissolved organic samples.

Fernández-Lima’s lab was the first to use this trapped ion mobility spectrometry in combination with ultrahigh resolution mass spectrometry to create a tool that could follow oil changes at the molecular level when it mixes with seawater and sunlight. This understanding of the chemical composition and transformation products of crude oil allows scientists to improve the combustion process, upgrade the treatment of byproducts and address the long-term effects crude oil has on the environment.

Fernández-Lima’s research group focuses on developing new generation IMS-MS technologies and methodologies that can be widely applied in environmental, forensic, biomedical and behavioral research. 

To read the news story by Celia Henry Arnaud, visit C&EN.