The power of an English major

The skills learned in English courses are transferable across a myriad of fields. At FIU, our alumni have gone on to write books, own businesses, practice law and more.

Sydney Anazco ’17, development and alumni relations coordinator at St. Brendan High School chose English because she felt English was a multi-faceted subject she was able to learn adequately from, vs. choosing a major that didn’t completely align with her interests. 

“I realized it was my best subject,” Anazco said. “I see aspects of my job daily where my degree comes into play because I create almost all the marketing components needed – I hold a versatility in an ever-growing world of communication.”

Anazco is grateful the program strengthened her writing and ability to analyze text. She cautions it was a challenge, but it just proved she had a lot to learn.

English majors can select one of four tracks to concentrate their studies in: literature, creative writing, writing and rhetoric or linguistics.

For Christina Ceballos Levy, who now practices law, earning an English degree was indispensable.

“If you are going to embark on a career that will require you to write, an English degree is an invaluable tool.  If you are afraid of writing or organizing your thoughts and sources, an English degree will eliminate those fears,” Ceballos-Levy said.

Association professor Jason Pearl, breaks down requirements, valuable transferable skills and famous English majors in this video: