The return of the seaweed monster

Seaweed on miami beach

Every summer, beaches in the Caribbean, Florida and the Gulf of Mexico experience small amounts of seaweed residing on its shores. In recent years, however, beach goers experienced far more seaweed than expected.

A combination of strong winds, currents and seawater circulation have expanded the algae’s range. Not to be mistaken for red tide or toxic algae blooms, this type of algae can cause other issues, especially for marine life.

Stephen Leatherman, a professor in the Department of Earth and Environment, believes the increase in seaweed seems to have become the new normal, which is not a good sign for tourists. This increase can also prevent newly hatched sea turtles from reaching the water.

Florida beach goers are expected to see a heavy wave of these blooms most likely through September.

To read the full article by Adriana Brasileiro, visit the Miami Herald.