Virginia Woolf and Her Circle: The Engendering of Literary Theory course

Registration for the Fall 2020 semester is now closed.

Virginia Woolf

Due to COVID-19, this fall course will now be taught remotely.

Don’t miss out on the Department of English’s Virginia Woolf and Her Circle: The Engendering of Literary Theory (ENL 4370-U01) course available this fall.

This course studies the Modernist work of Virginia Woolf and other writers associated with the Bloomsbury Group and of literary theories relating to feminist, gendered and queer approaches to literature. It emphasizes the particular artistic and aesthetic concerns of the early 20th-century, and examines how the works of Woolf, Lytton Strachey and E.M. Forster shaped the evolution of gendered literary criticism.

Michael Gillespie

Professor Michael Gillespie will teach this course remotely on Wednesdays from 6:25-9:05 p.m. Gillespie earned his Ph.D. in English and specializes in 20th Century British and Irish literature.

Fulfills: Late Literature, Theory, Queer Certificate and Elective