English Course: Writing Spaces and Places

Registration for the Fall 2019 semester is now closed.

Person gazing up at the night sky

Due to COVID-19, this fall course will now be taught remotely.

Looking for a class to take this coming fall? Here’s a sneak peek at the Writing Spaces and Places (ENC 4930-U01) course.

How does our relationship with place affect our view of the world and ourselves? So many texts are encoded with, and often driven by, people’s deeply felt relationship to place. Many scholars have attempted to untangle how economic and cultural forces influence our concept of place and how this in turn influences the way we act towards the places and people in our lives.

Students will examine examples of non-fiction place-based writing. This includes travel writing, nature writing and literary journalism. They will learn to write about places that are important by closely examining and utilizing elements such as history, geography, language and culture. The class will practice effective academic writing and attempt to better understand society and its place in the wider global world.

Image of Dr. Amorim

Instructor Jacqueline Amorim will teach this course remotely on Thursdays from 9:30-10:45 a.m.

Amorim specializes in first-year writing and technical and professional communication. She serves on the First-Year Curriculum Committee, the Professional and Technical Writing Committee, the Professional Development Committee and the Online Teaching Committee.