Biscayne Bay at a critical tipping point

Scientists in the FIU Institute of Environment were first to respond to the unprecedented fish kills and algal blooms recently witnessed in Biscayne Bay. The institute’s emergency response effort was the first of several mobilizations by organizations across the county trying to identify what was happening below the water’s surface.

Pollution, rising temperatures, seagrass die-off and several other factors have contributed to Biscayne Bay’s declining health for more than 20 years. Scientists have warned the bay is at a critical tipping point and the recent fish kill and algal bloom events were just the most recent visible threats plaguing the waterway.

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On Aug. 22, FIU experts hosted a panel discussion about the future of the Biscayne Bay.

The Death of #BiscayneBay: What is happening? What can be done? Our FIU Institute of Environment experts discuss:

Posted by FIU College of Arts, Sciences & Education on Saturday, August 22, 2020

The bay’s health crisis garnered significant media attention:

  • Miami Herald
    • In race to prevent more fish kills, governments deploy pumps on Biscayne Bay shore, By Douglas Hanks, Miami Herald, Aug. 15
    • Aerators may be brought in to help dying fish in Biscayne Bay’s low oxygen hot spots, By Adriana Brasileiro and Alex Harris, Miami Herald, Aug. 14
  • Local 10
    • Scientists determine algae species in bay not toxic, warnings still remain, By Louis Aguirre and Michelle Solomon, Local 10, Aug. 22
    • Miami-Dade fireboats hit the water to help with major fish kill in South Florida waters, By Louis Aguirre, Local 10, Aug. 16
    • Biscayne Bay is dying without oxygen: ‘We need rapid intervention’, By Louis Aguirre, Local 10, Aug. 14
    • Stingrays desperate for oxygen part of critical tipping point at Biscayne Bay, By Louis Aguirre, Local 10, Aug. 13
    • Scientists worry about larger marine life suffering in Biscayne Bay, By Louis Aguirre and Andrea Torres, Local 10, Aug. 12
  • WLRN
    • ‘Decades of warning signs’ Preceded Biscayne Bay fish kill, By Jenny Staletovich, WLRN, Aug. 21
    • Biscayne Bay needs better pollution rules, an oversight board and a chief officer, task force says, By Jenny Staletovich, WLRN, Aug. 18
    • The seagrass died. That may have triggered a widespread fish kill in Biscayne Bay, By Jenny Staletovich, WLRN, Aug. 14
  • WSVN
    • Miami-Dade firefighters spray water from fire boats to help oxygenate Biscayne Bay days after fish kill, By Franklin White, WSVN, Aug. 15
  • NBC Miami
    • Biscayane Bay water to be tested after dozens of dead fish wash ashore, By Laura Rodriguez, NBC Miami, Aug. 11
  • Weather
    • Thousands of dead fish wash up on shores of South Florida’s Biscayne Bay, By Jan Wesner Childs, Weather, Aug. 11
  • CBS 
    • Miami mayor takes ‘emergency steps’ to address fish kill in Biscayne Bay & Miami-Dade fireboats try to oxygenate the water, CBS Local, Aug.15
    • Biscayne Bay, already suffering from fish kill, now dealing with algae bloom, By Jessica Vallejo, CBS Miami, Aug. 23
    • Miami-Dade to conduct underwater survey of Biscayne Bay after fish kill, CBS Local, Aug. 17
  • Miami Diario
  • Telemundo 51
  • Univision
    • Preocupación entre residentes de Miami por aparición de cientos de peces muertos en la Bahía de Biscayne, Univision, Aug. 12