Postdoctoral researcher in the Institute of Environment

Renowned seagrass expert, Jim Fourqurean, with the FIU’s Institute of Environment seeks a motivated post-doctoral researcher.

Along with other projects to be developed in consultation with the advisor, the post-doc will work with the C-GRASS working group (Coordinated Global Research Assessment of Seagrass Systems) to lead a synthesis of all current seagrass data to understand the status and trends of this valuable coastal ecosystem. The post-doc will be expected to work closely with this broad international team to acquire, curate and analyze both in situ and remotely-sensed data on seagrass extent, composition and associated characteristics.

Strong quantitative skills are recommended. Applicants with prior experience in seagrass ecology, remote sensing and data synthesis are preferred. The position will be based in Miami. Initial funding is for one year (beginning January 1, 2021) but the position may be extended by mutual agreement of the post-doc and supervisor.

Qualified candidates are encouraged to apply to Job Opening ID 522286 at