English Course: Writing about Theatre and Performance

The FIU Department of English is offering its Writing about Theatre and Performance (ENC 4930-U02) course this Spring Semester.

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This course introduces students to academic and professional writing within the field of theatre and performance studies. Students will study a wide variety of performance pieces — from operas to plays to musical theatre — from many historical periods and artistic movements. Such work with theatre and performance will help students develop content knowledge to write from an informed and credible position. To hone students’ writing, this course covers strategies for writing about performance pieces as written texts and as texts-in-performance.

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This course is specifically designed to help students improve their overall writing abilities and to prepare them for academic and professional writing in the performing arts.

Professor Justin Grant will teach this Q/HyFlex course on Wednesdays from 3:30 p.m. to 6:15 p.m. remotely (with voluntary on campus meeting options at the end of the semester) .

Grant specializes in rhetoric and composition; technical and professional communication; writing program administration; American literature and culture; women’s and gender studies’ LGBTQ studies and queer theory.