Students from FIU After-School All-Stars South Florida give back during Thanksgiving

By Julie Todaro

Student packing bags for Thanksgiving drive.

Students at Georgia Jones-Ayers Middle School in the South Florida After-School All-Stars program wanted to help people in need this Thanksgiving.

The students sent notes to veterans to let them know they are appreciated, but they wanted to do more. The kids packed donated food in Publix bags for a Thanksgiving meal, including rice, vegetables, cornbread, frozen turkeys and hams for people who would otherwise do without this Thanksgiving.

The South Florida After-School All-Star program provides comprehensive academic and enrichment after school programs for over 2,000 middle and high school students at Title I schools living in low-income communities throughout Miami.

Many students said it made them feel good to help others who don’t have any food. After packing up lots of dinners, they were told to each take home a bag of food for their families. The tears of joy and cheers were abundant.

In this challenging world where many of these students have parents, grandparents and other family members who have lost their jobs and there is so much insecurity and fear, they have learned the importance of helping others and giving back. And in turn, they got gifts in return, too.

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