English Course: Studies in Modern British Literature

Registration for the Spring 2021 semester is now closed.

The Department of English will be offering the course, Studies in Modern British Literature “Post-Modernism/Postcolonialism (ENL 4273-U01) this Spring Semester.

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While popular contemporary English writers offer laments for a changing world, their middle class ethos in a still hierarchical Britain insulates them from the most serious examination of a changing society. This circumscribed vision leaves their characters with little to do beyond whining about the purpose of life now that they no longer feel social pressure to attend religious services. On the other hand, writers from its former colonies remain deeply aware of the vulnerabilities they face from a range of British social, cultural and political institutions. ENL 4370 offers a selective study of post-modern authors who come from the margins of the former empire and whose characters exhibit a piercing sense of the bleak alternatives of post-modern society. It emphasizes the particular artistic and aesthetic concerns of the era and examines a variety of critical approaches that one may use to interpret individual works.

Professor Michael Gillespie will teach this course remotely on Tuesdays from 5:00 to 7:40 p.m. Gillespie earned his Ph.D. in English and specializes in 20th century British and Irish literature.

Fulfills: Late Literature and Elective Requirements, and Exile Studies Certificate