Cristina Menendez Fellowship accepting applications

The Cristina Menendez Fellowship will award graduate students working directly under the mentorship of the FIU Institute of Environment’s Freshwater Resource Division faculty conducting Everglades relevant research. 

It is anticipated that up to 10-12 awards will be granted in the 2021 cycle with typical average support of $5,000 each. Funds may be used in the general categories of:

Everglades National Park
  • Materials and supplies
  • Recharge fees for sample analyses or vehicle usage
  • Research-related student travel
  • OPS salary (not for equipment purchases, OCO)

Interested students must send an application package to the Freshwater Resources Division director, Piero Gardinali, by March 15. Please send the following materials: 

  • A short, 1-2 page project description
  • Detailed budget (excel spreadsheet)
  • A copy of your CV
  • A letter of support from your Institute of Environment major professor.

All funded students will be required to present a seminar/progress report (15 min) to the institute faculty/student body by the end of the Summer semester and turn in a short (5-10 page) research report to the division director that will be included in the Cristina Menendez Fellowship annual report.