ASPCA partnership brings new courses to FIU

Person taking photo of evidence

Forensic science isn’t limited to any one country – or even species. Veterinary Forensics is a branch of veterinary medicine that applies the principles of forensic science to investigations involving animal abuse or neglect. Under a new partnership with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®, the International Forensic Research Institute is now offering courses in this important and emerging field under two tracks: Veterinary Medicolegal Investigations and Animal Cruelty Investigations. 

The first course, Veterinary Medicolegal Investigations, is now open for registration for the Summer 2021 session. Offered for both undergraduates and graduate students, the 12-week course provides an understanding of the intersection of medicine and law, with a focus on how to: 

  • Identify the medical documentation required for crimes involving animals.
  • Recognize potential or suspected animal abuse.
  • Properly document a scene relative to an animal(s) health, behavior, and environment.
  • Properly document a live animal forensic examination.
  • Author a veterinary forensic report.
  • Effectively interact with the legal community.
  • Recognize the importance of carrying out forensic work in an objective and neutral manner.

Neither the undergraduate (BSC 4205 RVCC 1215 Topics in Organismal Diversity) nor graduate (BSC 5935 Topics in Biology) course require a prerequisite before registering. However, Veterinary Medicolegal Investigations will serve as a prerequisite for the other upcoming courses expected for Fall 2021, Spring and Summer 2022.

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