Stay connected to FIU to enhance your career readiness

Roary in cap and gown

Whether you just graduated or are still enrolled, the summer is a great time to enhance your career readiness and prepare towards your post-graduation goals.

As the National Association of Colleges & Employers expressed, “Career readiness is the foundation upon which a successful career is launched. Career readiness is, quite simply, the new career currency.”

Whether you are entering the workforce, taking a growth year or learning new skills during undergrad, you should take time to reflect on your journey and enhance your career competencies.

Here are some ways to elevate your career readiness:

  • With FIU’s partnership with Handshake, you have access to thousands of jobs from employers that want to hire FIU students and graduates. You also have access to speak to other students with similar career goals and the ability to attend events and webinars. Begin your internship and career search by logging into Handshake at:
  • Through LinkedIn, you can continue to grow your network with your fellow FIU Panthers by following the FIU CASE LinkedIn and FIU’s Alumni Association page. You can also learn practical skills via LinkedIn Learning. Visit:  
  • To learn about upcoming career workshops and fairs that you can attend, connect with Career & Talent Development (CTD). They host virtual webinars to help with interviewing strategies, etiquette and negotiating salaries. They also have drop-in services to review resumes. To know about these opportunities, follow CTD on Instagram: @fiucareer
  • FIU Education Abroad is now offering Summer & Fall courses designed to engage students with the culture, people and places of others with the aid of technology and provide the feeling of “being abroad” through these experiences. These courses will help develop global awareness, global perspective and global engagement through the introduction of virtual education abroad activities and experiences. For more information, reach out to            
  • Student engagement plays a critical role in personal and professional development. Studies show students who are engaged in activities, whether it be leadership, student and professional organizations, or volunteering, will be engaged employees in the workforce. Connect with FIU’s Center for Student Engagement.
  • Networking is important. The FIU Alumni Association helps you stay connected to your alma matter and assists with post-graduation plans. You can speak to fellow panthers and ask them about their career journey by being part of the mentoring program. Learn more at
  • As a senior or recent graduate, you can enroll in FIU’s post-graduation course on Career Development (SDS 4340). This course allows you to immerse yourself in a free, fully online course where you can refine your career goals, prepare for graduate school and network with employers. To learn more, email