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COVID-19: First airport in US using trained dogs to detect virus
September 13, 2021, By Nicole Valinote, Daily Voice

COVID-sniffing dogs now on duty at Miami International Airport
September 12, 2021, By Harriet Baskas. The Points Guy

See the very good dogs tasked with sniffing out COVID-19 at the Miami airport
September 12, 2021, By Kelsey Vlamis, Business Insider

Dogs check dozens of Miami airport workers a day for COVID. They’ve found cases
September 13, 2021, By Rebecca San Juan, Miami Herald

Miami becomes firsts US airport to test COVID-19 detector dogs
September 11, 2021, By Jake Hardiman, Simple Flying

SPAC taps presidential inaugural poet Richard Blanco to launch its School of the Arts
September 11, 2021, By Geraldine Freedman, Daily Gazette

First COVID-19 detection dogs deployed at any US airport arrive at Miami International
September 10, 2021, By Laure Baratti, Travel Pulse

Miami International Airport first in the nation to use COVID-19 detection dogs
September 10, 2021, By Erin O’Brien, NBC 2

An airport first: COVID-19 detecting dogs are being tested at Miami International Airport
September 9, 2021, By Asha C. Gilbert, USA TODAY

Coronavirus-sniffing dogs unleashed at Miami airport to detect virus in employees
September 9, 2021, By Kim Bellware and Adela Suliman, Washington Post

Covid-sniffing dogs just started working at Miami airport and they’re incredibly accurate
September 9, 2021, By Tod Perry, Up Worthy

Dogs lend a paw at MIA to sniff out COVID-19
September 8, 2021, By Cristian Benavides, NBC 6

Dogs trained to detect COVID-19 will be screening Miami International Airport employees
September 8, 2021, By Janine Stanwood, WPLG Local 10

When to tell kids about bad news events
September 8, 2021, By Caroline Bologna, HuffPost

Officials hoping latest Biscayne Bay fish kill is not a sign of things to come
September 7, 2021, By Louis Aguirre, WPLG Local 10

Biscayne Bay had another fish kill. It’s smaller than last summer, but could have the same culprit
September 7, 2021, By Jenny Staletovich, WLRN

Why are planets round?
September 7, 2021, By James Webb, The Conversation

Students explore the depths and bay in new FIU programs
September 7, 2021, By Jim McCarthy, Keys Weekly

Delta variant creates need for more contact tracing tools
September 5, 2021, By Tory Dunnan, WPTV

As mysterious disease kills Florida’s reefs, a massive ‘Noah’s Ark’ effort tries to save them
September 2, 2021, By Krishna Sharma, Miami Herald

FIU football preview: Defensive tackle swims with sharks, also swallows up ballcarriers
September 2, 202, By Walter Villa, Miami Herald

Hey, Curious305: How have the different cultures in South Florida influenced Spanglish?
September 2, 2021, By Michelle Marchante, Miami Herald


Seaweed-eating giant crabs could help save Florida coral reefs — and they’re lovingly named ‘The Reef Goats’
December 28, 2020, By Andy Corbley, Good News Network

Bridges help bring water into thirsty Everglades park
December 27, 2020, Report Door

Forensic investigators combing Nashville in wake of Christmas morning bombing
December 27, 2020, CBS News

Sharks, alligator, snakes and Headwaters Lake make 2020 outdoors news headlines
December 25, 2020, By Ed Killer, TCPalm

Azitra, Ginkgo to develop microbial mosquito repellent
December 22, 2020, By Melody M. Bomgardner, Chemical & Engineering News

Why the latest sunset happens before the solstice
December 21, 2020, By Cary Barbor, WGCU

Can synthetic biology make mosquito-borne diseases a thing of the past?
December 17, 2020, By John Cumbers, Forbes

FIU scientist working on bio-therapeutic repellent to ward off blood-sucking mosquitoes
December 17. 2020, By Hank Tester, CBS Miami

Some hope for sharks this holiday season
December 15, 2020, By Melissa Cristina Marquez, Forbes

AIBS selects winners of 2020 photo contest
December 15, 2020, AIBS

Shark River Slough: Bridges help bring water into thirsty Everglades park | Part 4 of special series
December 15, 2020, By Kevin Spear, Orlando Sentinel

Why everything eventually becomes a crab
December 14, 2020, By Sara Kiley Watson, Popular Science

‘Reef goats’: Seaweed-loving giant crabs could help save corals in the Florida Keys
December 14, 2020, By Adriana Brasileiro, Miami Herald

From foster care to college grad: FIU student defies odds
December 11, 2020, By Ari Odzer, NBC 6 South Florida

Seaweed-munching crabs may help save coral reefs
December 10, 2020, By Carson McCullough, Courthouse News Service

New DIY contact tracing app is based on the science of memory
December 8, 2020, By Jacqueline R. Evans, Christian Meissner, Deborah Goldfarb and Ian Jason Lee, Scientific American

Episode 1: A River Runs Dry
December 7, 2020, By Amy Green, WMFE

This DIY contact tracing app helps people exposed to COVID-19 remember who they met
December 4, 2020, By Jacqueline R. Evans, Christian Meissner, Deborah Goldfarb and Ian Jason Lee, The Conversation

Shark fin smugglers worldwide finally being stopped by FIU researchers’ DNA toolkit
December 3, 2020, By Ed Killer, Treasure Coast Newspapers

FIU will employ high-tech computer modeling to track Biscayne Bay’s pollution problems
December 2, 2020, By Adriana Brasileiro, Miami Herald

Digital math games and apps: what works and what doesn’t?
December 1, 2020, By Sarah Schwartz